Program Educational Objectives

The students with B.S. in Avionics engineering are mentored to attain the following:

  1. PEO 1 - Engineering Knowledge and Problem Solving: Our graduates will be able to apply engineering knowledge in the field of avionics engineering in specific and other allied engineering disciplines in general, through intellectual competence, research, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  2. PEO 2 – Solution Designing, Society and Ethics: Our graduates will be cognizant of social, ethical and socioeconomic needs and apply technical and related knowledge to address the societal needs.
  3. PEO 3 – Leadership and Communication Skills: Our graduates will be able to work effectively and responsibly as individuals, team member or leader and communicate effectively to technical and non-technical audiences for research, design, innovation, product development and entrepreneurship.
  4. PEO 4 – Project Management and Lifelong learning: Our graduates will have the potential to succeed in local and global market by adapting to increasingly diverse environment and will have the quest for continuous lifelong learning.

Consistency of PEOs with Vision and Mission of Superior College and Avionics Engineering Department

The PEOs of the Avionics Engineering program are consistent with the vision and mission of The Superior College and the mission of Avionics Engineering Department.






Department Mission


Engineering Knowledge and Problem Solving


Solution Designing, Society & Ethics


Leadership and Communication Skills


Project Management and Lifelong Learning