The Bachelor of Science in Avionics Engineering (B.S Avionics Engineering) has been launched with the approval of Pakistan Engineering Council since April 2014 at The Superior College, Lahore. B.S Avionics Engineering is a four year degree program, approved by HEC and Accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), for students who aims to excel their academic and professional career in booming Aviation and Aeronautics industry. The Superior College, Lahore is the pioneer of Avionics Engineering Program in Punjab, Pakistan. The Department of Avionics Engineering possess highly qualified faculty who have extensive teaching experience in renowned universities and have worked at executive positions in aviation industry, thereby, bridging the gap between academia and industry. The department puts emphasis on quality education in OBE/OBA (…) system of education. A hands-on experience through laboratory tasks, complex engineering problems and activities, semester projects, industrial visits and regular internships are the hall mark of this program.